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Jacobs TSO: improving Special Education Needs transport


Jacobs' Travel Service Optimisation (TSO) service supports local authorities in improving the cost efficiency of their provision of transport to pupils with Special Education Needs and Disabilities (SEND), yet does so while also seeking to maintain or even improve quality.

TSO provides savings by analysing data on the pupils’ needs and location, using routing algorithms and a shareability index to create efficient groups, wherever appropriate increasing the degree of shared travel. These suggested groups are then output in a range of formats, including an Excel dashboard, and a Google Maps layer. Jacobs works in partnership alongside officers to ensure the most usable and helpful formats are applied.

Many London boroughs have already invested in procurement and planning tools to meet their commitments to provide high quality home to school transport for pupils. TSO complements existing tools to identify more efficient ways of providing the same service. This means a better return on boroughs’ current investment in scheduling tools, by providing a more informed starting point for procurement, with operators being required to tailor their offer to the efficient groupings identified by TSO.


  • Potentially substantial cost savings through more effective SEND transport provision, grouping users practically and efficiently in order to use shared travel.
  • No up-front cost to local authorities, JAcobs offers TSO in return for a share of the efficiency savings the service enables.
  • Clear recommendations for procurement of travel services, output in a range of formats.
  • Continually refined and improved algorithms and outputs, to ensure the most efficient possible use of transport funding.

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