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Community Grants ESF 2014-15

  • By London Councils

The London Councils Community Grants ESF programme is currently CLOSED for applications.

London Borough of Enfield Community Grants Funding 2014

London Councils is delighted to invite applicants (see eligibility criteria below) from the London Borough of Enfield you to apply to the Community Grants programme. The programme will be invest in supporting those Londoners who are furthest from the labour market. London Councils want as wide a range as possible of Londoners to benefit from this money, in line with our vision of London as a successful and inclusive city.

The programme will be delivered by small local voluntary and community groups that do not access the main programme but still play an important role at grass roots level providing intense support to those individuals that are most disadvantaged.

London Councils is one of five Co-Financing Organisations delivering ESF programmes in London and is working with the London Borough of Enfield to deliver a local Community Grants Programme for 2012-14 within ESF priority 1.3

What is a Community Grant?

The London Councils ESF Community Grants Programme will work to support people furthest away from the labour market. Community Grants are:

  • small grants
  • given to small non-governmental or community and voluntary organisations in London (eligibility criteria apply)
  • for projects which help unemployed and economically inactive people move into or closer to the labour market
  • and contribute to the London ESF Regional Framework . 

ESF Community Grants will enable small third sector organisations that would not otherwise be able to access ESF, to access small grants through simplified application arrangements. Grants will focus on progression towards the labour market but will not duplicate provision that is available through mainstream ESF activity. Grants will strengthen the ability of small third sector organisations to deliver employment and skills activities to disadvantaged people.

This focus is in line with the aims of ESF, which was set up to improve employment opportunities in the European Union and so help raise standards of living. It aims to help people fulfil their potential by giving them better skills and better job prospects.

How to apply?

Under the current round, London Councils welcomes applications from organisations based within the London Borough of Enfield that can deliver outcomes and show links with other programmes. Projects should be innovative and add value to mainstream provision. 

The prospectus sets out the criteria and conditions for applying for funding for the London Councils ESF Community Grants Programme.

Please refer to the application pack for London Borough of Enfield for the eligibility criteria before making a application to see if your organisation is eligible.

Applications to the Community Grants programme will be made through the online application form. Instructions on how to complete the online application can be found in section 10 of the tendering prospectus.

If further assistance is needed with making an application to the Community Grants Programme, please attend one of the application workshops (details below) or refer to our FAQ document which will be updated on a weekly basis.

The deadline for applications is 12 noon on the 6 January 2015 and applications and supporting documentation should be uploaded on line at the following location: