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Statement of Priorities 2016/17

Participation, Achievement, Progression
The annual statement of priorities for Young People’s Education and Skills in London 2016/17

  • By selina.young

The overall focus of London Councils’ Young People’s Education and Skills is on the needs of young people and ensuring that every young Londoner has a personal route to success.

The purpose of the Statement of Priorities document is to set out the ambitions, principles and priorities for young people’s education and skills in London and so to help local authorities meet their statutory duties and institutions to plan and deliver excellent opportunities for young people to learn and thrive in London.

London’s education and skills sector consists of organisations and individuals who are committed to enabling young people to succeed – to fulfil their dreams and move on in their adult lives. This statement provides the framework in which that commitment can become reality. 

Over recent years, we have concentrated on developing a shared understanding of the key issues facing London and forming a common set of principles that substantiate our policies, strategies and activities. We understand that there will be continued pressure on public finances and further reform of education and training, but we know that improving the education and skills of our young people is the surest way to sustained economic growth. That’s why we will continue to press for education reform that works best in the interests of young Londoners. 

The Young People’s Education and Skills Board brings together key stakeholders from across London to help set our city’s priorities to influence and shape the education provision on offer to young people. Its members provide a valuable resource for London in supporting successful reform. Three significant aspects of reform continue to require coordination across London: 

• Achieving full participation of everyone up to age 18 
• Continued implementation of ambitious reforms for young people with special educational needs and disabilities 
• Radically improving careers work. 

Our close ties with the London Enterprise Panel underpin a relationship that is of great value not just to our respective organisations, nor even just to our members and partners, but to all businesses and young people in London. This key relationship bears testimony to the strong interest London’s business community has in education, skills and the employment of young people. It is a guarantee that, at all levels of local, regional, sub-regional and national government, young people’s education and skills remain high on the agenda. 

The Young People’s Education and Skills Board will continue to ensure that the interests of young people will be taken into account when considering Area Reviews; in the on-going devolution debate in London; and in the closer integration of education, skills and employment. 

The priorities for the education and skills for young Londoners we are setting out form a bold statement to provide young people with world-class opportunities in a world-leading city. It is a call to action addressed to policy makers, planners and practitioners - to enable young Londoners to succeed.