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AdviceAid: helping provide tailored, quality advice, every time




The Homelessness Reduction Act 2017 requires local authorities to give a wide range of accurate advice to clients.

AdviceAid Shelter is an online tool that helps local authority staff provide tailored, quality advice, every time. Users can search, create and share bespoke advice written by housing specialists Shelter. The advice covers issues such as tenant rights and rights of occupation, benefits, harassment and illegal eviction, S21 notices, debt, rent and mortgage arrears, deposits, housing disrepair and much more.

This service ensures local authorities can provide accurate and up to date advice, helping residents avoid homelessness.

See how it works in this short video:



• Advice lookup on housing, homelessness and related topics.

• Ability to create and save new documents and advice.

• Create and share advice within a sub-regional group.

• Copy advice directly into case management systems.


With AdviceAid Shelter Plus:

• Create written advice record or personalised plan in minutes.

• Shelter best-practice templates included, with the ability to copy and edit it to create customised versions.



• Makes providing advice more efficient, saving time and money.

• Improves the accuracy and consistency of housing advice.

• Helps local authorities meet their Section 179 duty under the Housing Act 1996 to provide advice to prevent homelessness.

• Built for local authorities, with an emphasis on security and compatibility.



“We were attracted to AdviceAid as we could see that it was easy to use and we were keen to get advice in writing to all customers”

 Sara Lomax – Housing Options Service Manager, West Suffolk.


To learn more and sign up for a free trial please visit