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HunchBuzz - Gather ideas from across your entire organisation


HunchBuzz enables local authorities to crowdsource ideas by sharing and communicating well-crafted and carefully considered questions. These questions, referred to as ‘challenges’, are made visible to all employees, and/or external parties in order to initiate a round of collaboration and ideation.


Key functions

Engage employees and stakeholders - Great ideas don't just come from management or innovation teams, new thinking can come from all areas of your organization. Let your stakeholders be heard and contribute to business outcomes.

Enable collaboration and new thinking - Enable collaboration through a simple and intuitive idea generation and evaluation process. Create targeted challenges that reflect the issues and opportunities your business faces. Uncover diverse perspectives and break down organisational silos.

Accelerate innovation - Capture new solutions to challenges and discover opportunities to improve processes, products and business models. Surface and test the best ideas, then turn those ideas into action.



This approach enables key stakeholders to discover and explore promising ideas and then organise, analyse, track and measure results through aggregating, scoring, voting, and prioritising.

This solution allows Councils to accelerate innovation – either internally or externally. Transform from lightly attended community events to an interactive community existing over the web, all within a secure and controllable platform, eliminating other costlier channels of communication or other web-based social media tools that require more time and resources to support.


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