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Our funding priorities

  • By London Councils

Projects we fund equip individuals with the personal and occupational skills they needs to access and compete effectively in the labour market.

The following groups and sub-groups have been identified as priority meeting the above criteria.

Disabled people or people with a health condition: London Councils will target the following sub-groups:

  • Disabled parents;
  • People with mental health problems and who are not eligible for the Pathways to Work Programme;
  • Parents of disabled children

People recovering from drug and alcohol addiction

Homeless people: London Councils will target the following groups:

  • Homeless individuals;
  • Homeless families.

Jobless parents

Refugees and asylum seekers: London Councils will target the following sub-group:

  • People with pre-entry level ESOL needs.

People from BME groups with low labour market participation rates: Specific groups targeted could include:

  • Bangladeshi women;
  • Pakistani women;
  • Somali women.

Older People aged 50 and over:

Organisations will work with the individual to overcome their barriers to work and improve their employability. This will be achieved through:

  • innovative outreach to groups - such as recruiting women at the school gates, using community venues, GPs etc;
  • providing integrated packages of support that can be personalised to reflect an individual’s needs - job search, skills for life, support for mental health problems, training, mentoring, work placements, support to create new businesses/social enterprises, and;
  • working with employers to overcome any concerns around employing these groups and encourage more flexible working - for parents, disabled people (both physically and those with mental health problems), carers and older people.