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Our Key Services

LEP’s expert energy and carbon management services are of greatest relevance to authorities that want to:

All of LEP’s services are available to Participating Authorities as part of their low-cost annual contribution.


Energy procurement and Contract management

LEP supports authority staff to select and manage the most appropriate procurement strategies and contracts for their authority’s corporate energy demands and estate.

An authority colleague may want to adopt our common Statement of Requirements for energy suppliers within their authority, or lever the authority’s spending power to shape markets and influence suppliers through LEP’s collective and proactive Supplier Management Programme, or get support to assess new ways of buying energy and manage cost of supply.  LEP’s goal throughout is to help that colleague and their authority to better manage energy use and save money.

Value for Money

Authority staff have access to a range of independent management resources and supplier management activities that enable them to clearly demonstrate whether or not value for money is being achieved across their energy supply contracts.

The Carbon Reduction Commitment

LEP’s CRC EES Internal Audit Service  is a specialist compliance service, which includes an annual management and technical audit and an associated capacity-building support programme that materially reduces carbon compliance costs for individual authorities.  Authorities outside London can choose to participate in LEP on a CRC support basis only.

Building authority expertise and efficient use of resources

LEP offers Participating Authorities a level of supplemented in-house capability, capacity and business continuity which would be unaffordable or difficult to achieve by an individual authority in the current funding landscape.

This support delivers:

  • Practical tools, business and technical advice and information, policy interpretation and strategic representation with government and regulators
  • Professional, legal and technical consultancy services, inc. independent utility and carbon markets/regulatory specialists
  • Support to embed best practice developed by LEP across a wide range of energy and invoice operations
  • An authority-specific training & workshop programme addressing common management priorities (CRC compliance, Supplier Performance, Value for Money Benchmarking and technical energy management issues)
  • Energy and carbon focused networking and collaboration groups where problems and solutions are shared confidentially between peers and with the supply market.